Press Forward Stories

Insights and updates from Press Forward’s efforts to reinvigorate local news across the country.

Meet Dale R. Anglin, Press Forward’s Inaugural Director

Dale R. Anglin grew up in a family of news junkies. If the Chicago Sun-Times wasn’t delivered punctually to their home on Chicago’s South Side, her mom wasn’t happy. Yet at the same time, Anglin realized the news her family needed wasn’t just delivered in that newspaper. Every Sunday, her grandmother insisted on reading her church’s news bulletin. “She had … Read More

Press Forward Alaska Seeks to Expand In-Depth Reporting in Rural Communities

Getting access to local news and information can be challenging in Alaska, where most of the state’s 350 communities are not connected by roads.  So in 2019, the Atwood Foundation, which has deep roots in local news, partnered with the local community foundation to create the Alaska Center for Excellence in Journalism. Its mission is to  fund in-depth reporting projects … Read More

Press Forward Minnesota Effort Launches to Strengthen Local News

Crossposted from McKnight Foundation’s blog. Journalism is a force that has always been deeply intertwined with my life, beginning when I observed my father faithfully poring over the daily edition of the Star Tribune. As I progressed to high school, I was featured in the Bloomington Sun Current, which was covering our high school baseball games. The sheer pride of … Read More