Press Forward Locals

Trust begins close to home.

Press Forward Locals are a network of chapters across the country where funders are bringing new donors and foundations together to expand resources for local news. These chapters are an opportunity for funders to create place-based initiatives, driven by the specific information needs of their communities.

The first Press Forward Local chapters are listed with their founding funders below.

  • Alaska – Atwood Foundation
  • Chicago – John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and The Chicago Community Trust
  • Minnesota – McKnight Foundation
  • Philadelphia – The Lenfest Institute for Journalism
  • Springfield, Illinois – Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln
  • Wichita – Wichita Foundation

The Press Forward coalition is incubating additional chapters around the country.

All Press Forward Local Funders have committed to:

  • Support local journalism beyond existing funding
  • Bring new donors to the local effort
  • Establish or support pooled funds or funding collaborations that build common purpose and strengthen the local news ecosystem
  • Convene local stakeholders and advance mutual understanding and analysis of the local information ecosystem
  • Track and report funding and metrics to Press Forward
  • Share models, tools, and lessons learned with other Press Forward Locals

Learn more about this initiative in our news release.

Interested in forming a local chapter? Let us know.

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